“It’s What The Courts Say
 That Matters”

“The lack of adequate training by the police department has caused this court to conclude that there should be a presumption against the admissibility of radar readings presented by an officer of the department.”-1986
The officer did not testify the radar was calibrated that day. Although the officer testified he was certified to use the radar system, his training was not described, nor his certificate of training offered into evidence.”-2008

“The officer stated he was not certified to use the laser gun and was uncertain anyone maintained the device to insure accuracy.”-2008

“Although the officer testified he had been with the state police for approximately 24 years, there was no testimony as to his training, certification, or experience in visually estimating vehicle speed.”-2011

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Expert witness testimony for the prosecution only in Daubert, Frye, and Judicial Notice hearings at the court’s location is offered by Speed Measurement Laboratories Inc. (SML). SML has appeared for many jurisdictions including the United States Department of Justice and is published in one of the nation’s foremost legal journals on the necessity of state adoption of state-wide judicial notice of laser use. SML has appeared in scores of municipal and appellate trials. SML has testified before state Senate Committees considering radar and laser use for state-wide acceptance.

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SML conducts traffic safety studies for many communities and universities. It also develops / field tests new traffic safety products and police radar and laser guns for various manufacturers. Of special interest to the company is the public safety  threat of cell phone use by drivers. It has conducted several local and national studies for publication and forwarding to germane state and federal agencies. SML also concentrates on strategies for improvement of school and work zone safety.

speed@speedinglimits.com • 817/291-2396
2300 Harvest Glen Ct. • Fort Worth, TX 76108

speed@speedinglimits.com • 817/291-2396
2300 Harvest Glen Ct. • Fort Worth, TX 76108

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We conduct NHTSA compliant Master Radar and Laser Instructor Courses, serve courts as an expert witness and conduct traffic safety studies, many in conjunction with major universities. We’ve some three decades experience and are regularly published, nationally in police, public safety, and department of transportation magazines.