Instructional Specifics

Master Instructor Radar-Laser Certification-Operator Radar-Laser
 Certification Specifics
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	Understanding Police Traffic Radar & Laser Instruction Manual with accompanying DVD-24/16 hours. Library of Congress # 98-87615, 199 pages, NHTSA standard curriculum. Includes field exercises of estimating speeds and distances consistent with a valid visual tracking history.  Student sent Instruction Manual one week prior to instruction for their review. A 90% total score is necessary for graduation for Instructor and 80% for Operator. Successful graduates receive wall and bill fold certificates and access to for updates on enforcement strategies and equipment.

Time Commitment/Costs:
	Instructor three days with credit given to experience in radar and laser systems and testing to evaluate review of instruction manual. Operator two days with credit given to review of instruction manual. A matriculation fee of $350.00 is charged for Instructor students, $250.00 for Operator students.  Matriculation fee includes testing, use of equipment, wall and bill fold certificates, class handouts. Minimum class size is five (5) students with a maximum class size of twenty-five (25) students. Instruction is to be conducted at local law enforcement agencies or governmental facilities. Expenses to include gasoline and lodging not to exceed $500.00.  If ten (10) students enroll expenses waived. If less than ten (10) students, expenses divided by number enrolled and added to enrollment fee. Federal Tax ID # 48-1302538, Texas Tax ID # 1-48-1302538-5, DUNS #084175021, SIC #61 issued to Speed Measurement Laboratories Inc., ssn #upon request.  Credit cards accepted or agency check with billing invoice.

	Final score of Instructor candidates averaged among the following categories:  testing, class participation, field testing, and thirty minute class presentation of each candidate.  This class presentation is scored by all students and candidates to select topic by end of second day germane to instruction and manual. Final score for Operator candidates averaged among the following categories:  testing, class participation, field testing, and court room performance. Each Operator candidate is put on the witness stand and given questions normally found in radar and laser trials.  This section is scored by all students.

Equipment Needed/Notification:
    Projector to interface with lap top computer for PowerPoint presentation. DVD player. Dry board or chalk board. Please allow a minimum of four weeks notice to SML for confirmation of scheduling class


Carl Fors, B.S., M.S., President
Speed Measurement Laboratories Inc. (SML)
FCC Licensee-C.F.R. 47, RS Radiolocation KNNN 392
Certified Master Radar Laser Instructor-Law Enforcement Services, LLC
Associate Member International Association of Chiefs of Police
Member Texas and New Mexico Sheriff’s and Chiefs of Police Association
Associate Member Texas District and County Attorney’s Association


2300 Harvest Glen Ct. • Fort Worth, TX 76108 • 817/291-2396 •

Objectives, Course Outline, Schedule

Master Instructor Radar Laser Certification Course
Master Instructor Certification 2 ½ days depending on class size, plan on 3 days • 817/291-2396 • 2300 Harvest Glen Ct. Fort Worth, TX 76108

Curriculum-Understanding Police Traffic Radar And Laser Instruction manual with accompanying PowerPoint® DVD, Library of Congress #98—87615, 197 pages NHTSA compliant. Video segments provided by California Highway Patrol, Houston media, national media. Instruction includes student estimation of 100 vehicle speeds consistent with a valid visual tracking history. Students also required to estimate 50 vehicle distances consistent with a valid visual tracking history for laser.  Students shall be sent instruction manual at least one week prior to instruction. A pre-instruction examination of 100 questions will begin the instruction to determine the extent of student experience and their overview of the instruction manual.  All students will be required to conduct an 85th percentile traffic study of the 85th percentile of drivers prior to the placement of a speed display and after placement of the display. A 90% score is required for Master Radar Laser Instructor Certification consisting of four areas of equal weight being:  post testing, class participation, field proficiency, and grading of their classroom presentation. Students scoring below 90% but not less than 80% will be given Operator Certification. As this is an instructor course, each student will be required to present a topic, germane to the instruction to the class. This presentation is to be graded by other students in the class. As Speed Measurement Laboratories Inc., SML, is a private company all major brands of radar and laser systems will be used and presented including Applied Concepts Inc./Stalker Radar, Kustom Signals, Inc., Decatur Electronics Inc, Laser Technologies Inc., MPH Industries Inc. SML does not receive compensation from any of the radar or laser manufacturers.  Wall and billfold certificates will be presented to each Master Radar Laser Instructor student graduating stating they are certified to teach others using the above curriculum. A TOP GUN Award will be presented to the top scoring student in the class.

Cost and Class Size-Cost of instruction will be $350.00 per student which shall include testing, field exercises, a three ring binder containing handouts and recent court decisions, use of SML equipment including radar, laser, and speed display equipment, wall mount and billfold certificates, and instruction manual. The accompanying DVD is sold separately with ordering instructions in the Instruction Manual. The minimum class size is five (5) with the maximum of twenty-five (25) students. Instruction is to be conduced at a local law enforcement agency or government facility. Expenses to include gasoline and lodging not to exceed $500.00.  If ten (10) students enroll expenses waived. If less than ten (10) students, expenses divided by number enrolled and added to enrollment fee.  These expenses include lodging, gasoline, and per diem expenses. SML accepts credit card payment or by purchase order. Federal Tax ID #48-1302538, Texas Tax ID #48-1302538-5, DUNS #084175061, SIC #61.

Equipment Needed/Notification-Projector to interface with laptop computer for PowerPoint® presentation, DVD player, Dry board or chalk board. Kindly allow four weeks notice for SML confirmation of scheduling the class.

Course Schedule-Student Responsibilities-Objectives

1)  We will begin each morning at 0800 hrs through 1700 hrs.
2)  Students should bring with them the radar guns, tuning forks, and operator’s                         manuals of radar guns presently used by the department.
3)  Students should have a calculator, pen, and pencil.
4)  The dress should be service uniforms.

Schedule Of Instruction

Day One

1)   Introductions
2)   Viewing of video from Houston, TX.
3)   Discussion of changing radar and laser technologies and importance of Honeycutt v. Kentucky.
4)   Administration of pre-instruction examination.
5)   Review of correct answers with references to pre-instruction examination.
6)   Review of current case law regarding officer certification and equipment certification.
7)   Review of federal and state requirements for certification/recertification of officers and equipment.
8)   Review of testing and approval process of radar and laser equipment.
9)   Review of Texas v. Hall, 2008
10) Review of Hawaii Supreme Court v. Assaye, 2010.
11) Review Conforming Product List, CPL, International Association of Chiefs of Police.
12) Review of DOT HS 809 812 NHTSA Performance Specifications of Radar and DOT HS 809 811     Laser Performance Specifications.
13) Review of  Texas v. Sparks, 2004.
14) Review of  Florida v. Aquilera, 1979.
15) Review of Texas Attorney General’s Decision of  2/28/2011 LTI Laser Cam.

Lunch 1200 hrs-1300 hrs

1)  Field exercise of estimating 100 vehicle speeds in construction of a valid visual tracking history.
2)  Review of the Operator’s Manual of individual radar and laser guns.
3)  Students will demonstrate correct set up procedure of laser guns and logging results.
4)  Students will demonstrate the correct set up procedure using tuning forks of their radar systems.
5)  Discussion of states issuing state-wide judicial notice of laser use without Kelly/Daubert hearings.

Day Two

1)   Viewing video of radar use courtesy of California State Police.
2)   Viewing of video from Houston, TX.
3)   Review of Cosine Effect and computation of beam widths of laser and radar at different distances.
4)   Students to demonstrate to class proper set up and testing of their radar guns with tuning forks.
5)   Students to demonstrate to class proper set up procedures of police laser guns.
6)   Discussion of patrol speed input of radar from Low Doppler or Vehicle Speed Sensor.
7)   Discussion of Low Doppler errors in using radar speed measurement systems.
8)   Administration of post-instruction examination for Operator Certification.
9)   Mock court room with most commonly asked questions of defense attorneys.
10) Graduation of Operator Certification students with an average score of 80% comprised of the average of testing, field exercises including demonstrating proper set of radar and laser guns, and class participation.

Lunch-1200 hrs-1300 hrs.

1)   Field exercise of before and after treatment study using speed display provided by instructor. Each student to conduct their own study. 
2)   Reporting to class of results of speed study. 
3)   Review the importance of daily logs of radar and laser gun set up procedure.4)   Review of state and federal recommendations of re-certification of equipment, tuning forks, and officers.
5)   Students to demonstrate proper set up procedures of their radar guns using tuning forks.
6)   Student to demonstrate proper set up procedures of laser guns using the Stalker Laser.
7)   Review of court precedent of maximum range of laser guns in issuing a speeding ticket.
8)   Review of court language of “judicial notice”, Frye, Daubert hearings.
9)   Each student to be placed on witness stand to answer questions from defense attorney.
10) Each student is to declare to the instructor their topic for class presentations. Presentations should be     at least 30 minutes.
11) Students will review current published research on going to court in radar and laser trials.

Day Three

1)  Post-instruction examination with correct answers given.
2)  Student class presentations.  Student presentations to be graded by other class      members.
3)  Tabulation of student scores.
4)  Presentation of Top Gun Award.
5)  Graduation with pictures. Awarding graduation certificates.
 Insuring each student checks daily or weekly the following web sites:, These web sites will provide continuing education for students.

Objectives For Operator and Master Instructor Certification To NHTSA Recommendations

1)  To have each student successfully show their ability in setting up and checking for operational accuracy their radar or laser gun.
2)  To have students recognize the dire legal implications for not having a standardized, logged, system of presenting to the court correct set up and testing procedures per manual of the particular radar or
laser gun. To have the students understand the necessity of re-certification of officers and equipment. 
3)  To insure each student has the capability of making presentations to others in certifying other officers to operator standards of radar and laser speed measurement systems.
4)  To have each student complete the NHTSA recommendations for correct operation and use of radar and laser based speed measurement systems. Each student to understand federal performance standards.
5)  To have each student successfully complete field exercises in developing a valid visual tracking history by estimating distances and speeds of vehicles.
6)  To have each student conduct an effectiveness study on the effects of controlling speeds with a radar speed display. (Instructor)
7)  To have each student understand the importance of re-certification of radar guns, tuning forks, laser guns, and officers on a regular basis.
8)  To have each student realize the importance of compiling daily logs for radar and laser guns as they certify accuracy by proper set up and testing procedures. 
 To determine the instructor capabilities of each Instructor Certification student by their presentation of a thirty minute instructional presentation. (Instructor Certification Only)

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