Curriculum Vitae And
Expert Witness Costs

Curriculum Vitae/Resume
Carl Fors • • • 817/291-2396 •  2300 Harvest Glen Ct.
Fort Worth, TX 76108

“I want to thank you for your expert witness testimony and all the work you did prior to the trail. Your testimony has proven invaluable in not only our case, but also cases that have occurred since.” Amy Scholtz, Akron, OH Prosecutor’s Office, 330/375-2730, 2007

•  Court appearances for “judicial notice”  testimony of radar and laser systems, speeding, police procedures, certified as expert witness by local and state courts and United States Department of Justice including Frye/Daubert. President-Speed Measurement Laboratories, Inc. Twenty-six years in testing, development, teaching of speed enforcement technologies.

Recent Court Appearances
Darke County Prosecutor’s Office, Greenville, OH-contact Phillip Hoover, 937/832-4794 • Cuyahoga Falls, OH Prosecutor’s Office-contact John Chapman, 330/971-8190 • Darke County Prosecutor’s Office, Greenville, OH-contact Phillip Hoover, 937/832-4794, 2nd time • Akron, OH Prosecutor’s Office, contact Amy Scholtz, 330/375-2730 • Greenville, South Carolina Prosecutor’s Office, contact George Lyaall, 864/987-9361   California General Assembly, Sacramento, CA, Budget Committee, 2 times  • Commonwealth of Virginia, Fairfax, VA-contact Casey Lingan, 703/246-2248 • State of Iowa, Des Moines, IA -contact Katharine Massier, 515/208-0721 • Hamilton Ohio Prosecutor’s Office-contact Al Edmunds, 513/785-7184 • State of Texas, Corpus Christi, TX-contact Chief Prosecutor, Trisha Dang, 361/886-2430 • State of Wisconsin, Blue Mound, WS-contact Gregory D. Murray, 608/246-8500 • State of Illinois, City of Chicago-contact Chief Prosecutor Linda Pauel, 312/744-1052 • State of Illinois, Senate Criminal Law Committee, contact Samantha Fields, 312/672-9319 • State of New Hampshire, Concord, contact Prosecutor’s Office, 603/271-2251, State of Texas, Arlington, TX-contact Linda Frank, 214/769-5377, United States Department of Justice-contact Danetta Wollmann, 605/342-7822 • El Paso Prosecutor’s Office, El Paso, TX • Columbiana County Municipal Court, Lisbon, OH-contact Daniel Blasdell, 330/853-2916

Assisting Prosecution:  State of Oregon, Portland-contact Matt Mitchell, 503/226-7191, State of Illinois, Cook County, Chicago-contact Nilda Soler, 312/744-9688 State of California, Napa-contact Dave Besneatte, 707/423-1900 State of Ohio, Elyria-contact Diane Powers, 404/326-1760

 “There is no better authority.” Rep. Ray Rapp, North Carolina House of Representatives, 919/733-5732, 2004

“ Its due to your excellent ability to convey to the court expert evidence necessary to prove our units are accurate and reliable and based on solid scientific principles. Our Court now takes judicial notice on the devices and found the defendant guilty.”
 Al Edmunds, Prosecutor, Hamilton, Ohio, 2010, 513/785-7184

“Carl Fors technical expertise extends far beyond the world of radar and laser. With product knowledge second to none, his instruction is both interesting and informative. Carl is truly an industry professional.” Glenn Jones, Radar Coordinator, Toronto Police Service, Toronto, Canada, 416/308-1996
•  NHTSA Standard Master Radar Laser Instructor-Law Enforcement Services LLC, Library of Congress #98-876615. FCC Licensee, CFR 47,  RS Radiolocation-KNNN 392. Associate Member International Association of Chiefs of Police, Texas Sheriff’s Association, New Mexico Police Chief and Sheriff’s Association, Texas District Attorney’s and Prosecutor’s Association. Certifications:  Kustom Signals, Inc., MPH Industries, Inc., Laser Tech., Inc., Stalker Radar, Inc., Member E.T.A.T.S./I.A.C.P, committee, committee sets national standards for police radar/laser systems. Teaches Traffic Stop Safety Precautions-Law Enforcement Services. Public Safety and Police Consultant-Texas State University-San Marcos, TX

“Carl Fors has assisted us for over ten years in the development of traffic safety products. No one knows more about enforcement radar and laser than he. He has testified twice before The California General Assembly for us. We’ve highly profited with his assistance and professional contacts.”, Phil Henry, President, Traffic Safety Products, 702/456-9664

“please find a contract modification that extends the performance date to January 23, 2012 on contract #10W-USA73-0073 for your expert witness services on behalf of the Assistant U.S. Attorney.”, U.S. Department of Justice, 2011
Recent Instructions
Headquarters-Ontario Provincial Police, Orillia, Ontario (Canada) • Maryland Regional Law Enforcement Training Center, Elkton, MD, Acoma Indian Police Agency, NM • Joint Military Services, Military Police Command, Schofield Barracks, HI • State of Hawaii Law Enforcement Ctr, Liuhe, HI • El Paso Police Department Training Academy, El Paso, TX, 3 times • Joint Military Services, Military Police Command, Fort Shafter, HI • Terrell Police Academy, Terrell Police Department, TX • ATS Headquarters, Scottsdale, AZ (leading maker of red light and speed camera systems) • Columbia National Police Academy, Bogota, Colombia • Florianopolis-Brazil Federal Police Agency • Morgan County Sheriff’s Department, Fort Morgan, CO  • Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles, CA • North Richland Hills Police Academy, North Richland Hills, TX, 2 times • Federal Police Agency, Brasil • Navajo Nation Police Service, Shiprock, NM • Department of Public Safety, American Samoa • Southern New Mexico Law Enforcement Center, Las Cruces, NM •  Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, TX • San Antonio Police Academy, San Antonio, TX
•  B.S. Murray State University, 1967, M.S. Western Kentucky University, 1970- Cum Laude, Dean’s List, Who’s Who In American Colleges and Universities, Top Ten Seniors, Distinguished Military Graduate, History, Military Science, Physics, Born Alton, Illinois (only one in family to graduate from college), Vietnam Era Veteran, USAA, American Legion, (patent pendings with partners submitted to U.S. Patent Office)

“Thank you for your laser assessment of Montana’s interstate speeds. I very much appreciate your offer to testify during the upcoming legislature.”
-Joseph P. Mazurek, Attorney General, State of Montana, 406/444-2026, 1998

“Judge Coppola was impressed with your expertise and appreciated you demonstrating the lidar unit for her. Between your expert testimony and the personal instruction, the judge is now knowledgeable on lidar. Judge Coppola did take judicial notice on the accuracy of lidar and the general acceptance of the scientific principles behind it.” Katharine Massier, Assistant City Prosecutor, Des Moines, Iowa, 515/283-4532, 2009

Publications (partial):		

Admitting Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Evidence in Texas: A Call For Statewide Judicial Notice, St. Mary’s University Law Review, Summer 2011, Co-Authored with Ryan Cox, Prosecutor. (one of nation’s most reviewed professional law journals)
Enforcing Speed Limits in City, County, and State Workzones, The Police Journal, Spring 2011	
Officer Radar and Laser Operator Certification, The Police Journal, Summer 2004
Testing New Laser Speed Enforcement Technology, Police and Security News, May/June 2006
Laser Speeding Assessment in Western States, Traffic Safety-National Safety Council, Dec., 1997
Annual Radar and Laser Gun Review, Police and Security News, May/June 2004
Warn Them With Radar, Journal of Emergency Medical Services, Nov., 1998	
Speed Radar and Laser Guns: A Review Of New Enforcement Technology, Police Magazine, Feb., 2002
Speeding Vaccine, The Police Journal, Fall 2004
Take A Picture-Review of Photo Enforcement-Law Enforcement Technology, Sept., 1999
Local Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, The Police Journal, Fall 2005
Slowing Them Down In Deadly Workzones, Better Roads Magazine, June 2000
Point And Shoot-New Hand Held Radar/Laser Speed Guns, The Police Journal, Spring 2005
Radar Trailer Effectiveness in School Zones, Law and Order Magazine, August 2000
Get Out Of The Way-Technology Clears Way For First Responders, National Fire & Rescue, Nov. 2006
Boomers-Enforcing Noise Ordinances-Police and Security News, Oct., 2007
DWI Blood Evidence-Police and Security News, April 2006
Speeding, Detecting Detectors, and Probable Cause, Blue Line Magazine (Canada), Nov., 2003
Red Light Radar and Laser Cameras, The Police Journal, May/June 2007
Road To Nowhere-Rural EMS, National Fire & Rescue, March 2007
Motorcycle Based Speed Enforcement Technology, Police and Security News, June 2009
Talking and Texting To Death, The Police Journal, May/June 2008
Detecting Radar Detectors And Commercial Vehicle Bans, Law and Order Magazine, April 2004
Speeding Evidence And Increased Plead Rates, Police and Security News, Sept./Oct. 2003 
School Policing Is Different, The Police Journal, Summer 2006
Safety Town, Law and Order Magazine, August 2003
Radar Detectors, Jammers, And The Law, Police and Security News, August 2002
Comparison of Radar and Laser Speed Measurements for Court Use, The Police Journal, Fall 2008
Cell Phone Use In School Zones, The Police Journal, Summer 2009
Motor Officer Use of Radar And Laser Guns, Police and Security News, May/June, 2009
Going To Court In Radar and Laser Trials, The Police Journal, Summer, 2010	
Speed Limit Compliance In Interstate Work Zones, Traffic Safety-National Safety Council, Dec. 2010
Strategies For Enforcing Cell Phone Bans, The Police Journal, Spring 2010

Research To Be Published:

Radar Detector Use And Speeds Of Cars/Trucks On Rural Interstates (nine states/7,021 vehicles)
Comparison Of State Police Academy Training Requirements:  50 states, Radar/Laser Instruction 
“I want to pass to you the thanks of the Court and the city for your expert testimony. Judge Clark and all the police officers commented on your knowledge and skill of presentation.  It’s largely because of your effectiveness that Judge Clark made his more far reaching decisions regarding radar and laser devices. I highly recommend your services to others that need this sort of specialized testimony.”
John W. Chapman, City Prosecutor, City of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 303/971-8296, 2008

“I’ve known Carl Fors for over eleven years. Our school zones are now safer with radar trailers and radar displays. He has appeared before the school board on several occasions. Whenever we have a question about radar or laser, he is the first one we call. Our officers have attended his NHTSA standard certification classes at the El Paso Police Academy. With Mr. Fors, we have equipped over 300 school busses with radar drones. There is no better professional. No one has greater honesty or integrity.”
Victor Araiza, Chief, El Paso ISD Police, El Paso, Texas 915/779-4476
“Your extensive knowledge and explanation of laser gun technology to the Court and the defendant in a clear and meaningful way were key to our success in the case. The Court recognized you as an expert witness and took judicial notice of laser technology.  The Court adopted your recommendations and we will use them to develop policies for our three police departments. We will certainly contact you again.”-Gregory D. Murray, Prosecutor, Blue Mound (Madison), Wisconsin, 608/246-8500, 2009

Comments Of Police Academy Students: (anonymous and unsolicited)

“I know now! I am ready to teach and to make sure all of our radar and laser guns comply with NHTSA/IACP requirements”-2011

“Very good class!  I feel I will have even more confidence in future court room testimony than I had before.”-2008

“Great job sir!  Very personable, professional, competent instructor,”-2010

“To the moon and back. Best instructor I have ever had.”-2005

“Your knowledge of radar, laser, and safety at traffic stops has no equal. I’ve had lots of military instructors, but none better than you.”-2009

“Your presentation technique is unique.  You tell us what you are going to tell us, tell us, and then tell us what you have told us. Your use of visuals to have us learn proper use of radar and laser speed systems make the difference in our learning the material or enduring it.”-2007

Other Referrals on request,, 817/291-2396 (cell), Federal Tax ID: 48-1302538, Texas Tax ID: 1-48-1302538-5, DUNS#: 084175061, SIC #:  61

Expert Witness Costs

Expert Witness Fees

Radar and Laser Gun Trials And Depositions
Frye/Daubert Hearings/Judicial Notice
Public Safety Trials/Police Procedures

1)  Making Depositions For The Prosecution............................................................			$475.00

2)  Trial Preparation, judicial notice, Frye, Daubert Hearings @ 55.00 per hour……		         $55.00 
	includes three ring binder for defense, prosecution, and the Court. To include
	certifications of Carl Fors, DOT HS 809 812, DOT HS 809 911, NHTSA
	Training Program R/12/01, Conforming Product List, C.P.L. of the 
	International Association of Chiefs of Police, court precedents germane to
	the case in question, radar and laser testing procedures of the federal 
	government, i.e. National Institute of Standards and Technology, NHTSA, i.e.
	National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, International Association
	of Chiefs of Police. Review of individual state officer training and
	equipment re-certification requirements. Not to exceed ten hours by hourly
	accounting as presented on invoice to prosecutors. Credit cards accepted.

3)  Testimony for one day for the prosecution before the Court...................................		         $650.00

4)  Expenses to include travel to and from Court’s location, gasoline, lodging, meals.......		$450.00
	Expenses paid by receipt not to exceed total stated.

Note:  At least three week notice necessary for court appearance. Call 817/291-2396 to make arrangements of e mail at

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